Yay! After three days lying in bed sick I’m back in the practice seat.

I’m one of those people who are rarely ever sick so when I am ill, it’s bad.  By the end of the first day I started to feel withdrawal symptoms from the guitar. However I used my recovery time wisely by watching some inspiring documentaries on musicians such as Miles Davis and some “Return to Forever” concert clips I found on YouTube.

Today I managed to get in roughly two and a half hours practice.  You can see what I covered in my session below. Who knows, I may even get another hour in later tonight.

Warm up – m7b5 & dom7 chords and inversions, chromatic permutations

Technique – Triad sequences – Major, Melodic Min. and Harmonic Min. scales

                         4 note groupings – 3NPS Min. Pentatonic shapes, Diminished, Wholetone scales

Music reading – Some mixed rhythm reading

Road Games – Tapping section

Improvisation – Free play (no backing), working on melodic ideas